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Carol Levin

Carol Levin

An Undercurrent of Jitters

Carol Levin’s motto is “The more information you have the more choices you have.”

Long ago, her information gathering began by studying, performing and teaching modern dance. She served as the artistic director of a small company. Later, completed the college curriculum for radio broadcasting, and was on-air as the morning drive-time DJ playing jazz, blues, and news reports.

Along the way, she’s worked at a children’s hospital as the “Employment Manager.” She studied acting at Freehold Theatre Lab/Studio in Seattle and The American Contemporary Theater (ACT) in San Francisco, which led her to train and certify as an Alexander Technique International Certified Teacher.

She spent twenty years as a supernumerary (silent actor) in Seattle Opera productions. Then in the years she was a founding member and Literary Manager of the Art Theatre of Puget Sound, she translated, along with two Russians, Anton Chekhov’s four major plays and a Dictionary of Stanislavski Terms for Theater artists.

Also, she has a lot of information about yoga and of course, writing poetry.

Recent poems appear in The Poeming Pigeon, A Literary Journal of Poetry, The Literary Nest, and World Enough Writers’ Ice Cream Poems Anthology. Her work’s been widely published in journals and anthologies, print and online, in Russia, New Zealand, Germany, UK, and the US.

She is Editorial Assistant at the journal, Crab Creek Review in Seattle. She also teaches he Breathing Lab / Alexander Technique.

Carol has another motto too: “Surround yourself with excellence, it brings out the best in you.”.

An Undercurrent of Jitters book launch at the Noric Museum in Ballard, SUnday September 16, 2018. Meet in museum library—such a wonderful room. Everyone welcome.

Doors open at 2:30pm, reading at 3:00pm. Then a party at Carol's place to help celebrate herynew collection An odyssey into facets of the subject of marriage. Within: laws, history, culture, rules, religion, commerce, gender, expectations, outcomes and personal dramas. Secret Garden Books are the host bookseller.

Carol will be at the MoonPath Press group reading at Open Books, Seattle, WA. Saturday, November 3rd from 7:00pm - 8:30pm.

Read an interview with Carol on the Seattle Opera Blog.

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Poem from An Undercurrent of Jitters

Without Consent

The silence lay leaden on the plates
in-between moments of conversation
camouflaging distaste for the groom,
for the new nuptials, for vows
covertly clinched, hours ago divulged as fact.

Not Uncle Syd, not Aunt June
not Evelyn and not Nana
and especially not Father
and more especially not
Mother and her husband Harry
who in a twist of fate happened

to be traveling through.
Not one of them lauding, but,
doing their best pantomiming
glass-lifting to newly-weds.

Family laps with paltry napkins
politely sitting, strung along
the curved off-yellow naugahyde
booth at the Rib Pit, Denver, Colorado’s
exuberantly celebrated barbecue

Confident Music Would Fly Us to Paradise

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Poem from Confident Music Would Fly Us to Paradise

There’s No Right Way to Do This Wrong

The average kill date
for flowering plants is
November 11th
explains the gardening guru
in the morning news.
He says, pot
them up, cut them back
by half, bring them in
to a bright room.
Yet, I know
all the light
in the universe
won’t keep us
from dying.
I can see you bringing
of hospice
and family
into a room
of vintage green-leaf
wallpaper like mine
after the doctor
comes himself
to that room
to explain
the waning season.
Of course
I will have
the doctor’s
forecast, and order
fresh seeds, new

Confident Music Would Fly Us to Paradise