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Christoper J. Jarmick

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Christopher J. Jarmick is a Seattle Area writer and a former Los Angeles TV producer who curates and hosts monthly poetry readings and special events. He has performed his own poetry at numerous venues (mostly on the West Coast) for many years and has given lectures, been part of writer conference panels, and given workshops. Other kind souls have published several things he's written (essays, reviews of poems, interviews, stories, editorials) in local and national magazines, newspapers, literary journals and online. His online film reviews have over 3 million page views.

His short poem "Dear Poem Owner" is now riding two King County Rapid Ride buses and appears (along with his picture) at the bus stop located at 3rd and Bell in downtown Seattle through 2015). The spring edition (2015) of Poetry Quarterly includes his poem "600: A Poem About Baseball." The summer edition (2015) includes his poem "I Hate Peggy Lee." Recently two anthologies have included his poems: "Hummingbird" will be in Poeming Pigeons (from Poetry Box) and "Poem Starter 119" in Randomly Accessed Poetics: Ghost House (Penhead Press). "I Like Dead Poets" will be in Raven Chronicles fall issue, Vol 22.

Read a review of Not Aloud by Thomas Hubbard in Raven Chronicles.

Upcoming Reading Dates

Christopher will be at the MoonPath Press group reading at Open Books, Seattle, WA. Saturday, November 3rd from 7:00pm - 8:30pm.

Not Aloud

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Poem from Not Aloud

Today's Logic

I squint my eyes and imagine everything
looking like a wet watercolor painting
dripping color, de-forming and bending
in ways that Dalí himself never tried.
I was thinking of making that
the title of the poem
but that was several minutes ago.
I was staring into the ozone
lost in a head-on collision of thoughts
that vaporized upon focus,
and then my cell phone
It was John Ashcroft.
He wanted me to tell him about the guy
sitting at the next table
and what kind of Denny’s
breakfast special
he was ordering.
“You might be able to tell
he’s a terrorist
from what he orders,”
he said quickly.
I knew better than to argue—
Republican logic
it’s simply impenetrable.
I told Ashcroft he should worry
about the guy in the parking lot instead
or what the new flavor at
Baskin Robbins is this month
and hung up.
Wait a minute I thought,
this isn’t Denny’s.
Not Aloud

Cover art by Duane Kirby Jensen