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Victor David Sandiego

Victor David Sandiego

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Victor David Sandiego is a poet/drummer/composer who divides his time between México, Central America, and the Pacific Northwest. He was the winner of the 1st WordStorm Poetry Competition held on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, a winner of the 2008 Jeanne Lohmann Poetry Prize, and the winner of the 2009 Crab Creek Review poetry contest. He is the author of several poetry books and his work has appeared (or is upcoming) in Floating Bridge Review, Crab Creek Review, Cascade, Grasslimb, Cerise Press, Prime Number and on public radio. More at:

The Strange & Beautiful Life of Daniel Raskovich

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Poem from The Strange & Beautiful Life of Daniel Raskovich

Daniel Raskovich finds a match

One late night, when Daniel was 9 years old
he was still thinking of the vampire movie
and went into his father’s study
to look for a stake.

Under the divorce papers
he found his first wooden match
but it took three tries
before he could light it on the slick mahogany desk.

Later, when the firemen returned to the station
Daniel was reaching out the window
from the back seat of a gray sedan
to catch moths in his hands.